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 Hourly Bullet 30m  0
 Hourly Blitz 50m  27
 Chung  7+0 Rated 40m  1/15
 Reid  2+0 Atom 20m  1/4
 Hester  2+0 Anti Rated 40m  5/4
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  1. perfect player motion I would call it equilibrium rather than perfect player , yes there ar […]
  2. perfect player pizzathegreat I have over 1500 for all variants, but I play with people I know in th […]
  3. perfect player ChessFlub I respect anybody who has over 1500 in all variants, I am trying but, […]
  4. Spock is Dead ChessFlub this is a sad day for trekkies like myself :( I hope he rests in peace
  5. Spock is Dead Isaiah4031 All I could think of was the above; a James Bond film; and the classic […]
  6. Sound replacement how? Hellball I cannot give you a specific method, but I think GS is allowed by the […]
  7. You vs Stockfish 1,Checkmate i […] motion 21 and the game is very interesting from a strategic point of view h […]
  8. Spock is Dead chunkymonkey Pfft - I just googled "Chess on Film" - The market is saturated...
  9. Spock is Dead Isaiah4031 And Spock was wearing his "Genesis" footsie PJs... "Two Weeks Notic […]
  10. Ipads have a big enough screen […] jvs I believe the Chrome browser on iOS has "request desktop site" option. […]
  11. Spock is Dead chunkymonkey Oh dear - that sounds familiar :D
  12. Spock is Dead Isaiah4031 Wasn't he playing 3-level chess in one of the original episodes w […]
  13. Spock is Dead chunkymonkey Probably the greatest chess player that wasn't. Live Long and Prosper
  14. importance of rating Isaiah4031 stonecollector nailed it!! When good times come, ENJOY
  15. You vs Stockfish 1,Checkmate i […] chunkymonkey What?!?!!!! That's it! I'm done with believing in gods! Liars - the lot of them!
  16. You vs Stockfish 1,Checkmate i […] ChessFlub anyways, I think he has amazing boasting powers that could crush every […]
  17. You vs Stockfish 1,Checkmate i […] ChessFlub I think he is fooling around
  18. You vs Stockfish 1,Checkmate i […] chunkymonkey The universe has two rulers? Not possible! I'm not bowing to two supre […]
  19. You vs Stockfish 1,Checkmate i […] ChessFlub but.... here is my real game I want to share for all of you: http://en […]
  20. You vs Stockfish 1,Checkmate i […] ChessFlub GM_Voraspak: I can do the same: http://en.lichess.org/wp4F25NpTvb2
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